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Home of Champions!

Training Centre

49 Ferodale Drive, Medowie NSW


Special Needs: 4pm - 5pm

Mainstream: 5:30pm - 7pm

Open Matt: 7pm - 9pm 


Mainstream: 5:30pm - 7pm

Open Matt: 7pm - 9pm

Contact us:

[email protected]

Ph. 0401063419 - Kelly

Ph. 0403132963 - Tony

Click to get a glimpse of what it's like to be an Imugi.


Imugi Martial Arts is a martial arts school founded by Do Joo Nim Tony Gillespie and Sah Boo Nim Kelly O'Brien in January 2014. The Dojang home is located in Medowie Port Stephens.

Imugi is built on a foundation of strong personal discipline, high standard of skills and dedication to the development of strong, effective martial artists.

Imugi is a Martial Art System without the restriction of a singular rigid discipline, or style, rather a system free of doctrine. Allowing students and Instructors to express themselves openly and freely as martial artists. This promotes an open mindset and personal development, encouraging students to develop their own style of movement and self mastery.

Do Joo Nim Tony Gillespie also holds a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness. A vital part of the teams ongoing strength and conditioning program.

Imugi Taekwondo representative team travels to all parts of the country competing against the best Martial Artists and schools in Australia. The team has been competing since 2014 and has delivered some undeniable results.


4 NSW Championship Titles

3 Australian Championship Titles


15 NSW Championship Titles

6 Australian Championship Titles

7 World All Styles Championship Titles


8 NSW Championship Titles

4 Australian Championship Titles


13 NSW Championship Titles

15 Australian Championships Titles


3 Australian Taekwondo National Championship Titles

8 NSW State Championship Titles

3 Australian Taekwondo State Championship Titles

Congratulations to our very own Sah Boo Nim Kelly and Do Joo Nim who've each been awarded the Sportsperson of the Year for Port Stephens in 2015 & 2016 respectively. Also in 2016 Miss Carrissa Maher, an Imugi Taekwondo student, received the Young Citizen of the Year for her work in the community.

Above Left: Sah Boo Nim Kelly - 2015

Right: Do Joo Nim Tony and Carrissa - 2016.

Training camps are conducted annually and have become incredibly popular. Students are exposed to specialists in their fields of expertise to create an open minded approach to their martial arts journey. Camps are open to all schools and students, placings are limited. 2018 saw the inclusion of 5 different schools. "Breaking barriers and making new connections". Thank you to this years specialists!!

- We Specialise in delivering in school Leisure Sports programs. Currently running the Martial Arts at Medowie Public School for the past 3 years.

- Working with Children's Check compliant.

- Delivering student centred learning.

2015 saw the introduction of the "Star Imugi Program". Created by Kyo Sa Nim Kelly; designed to create opportunities for Special Needs children and adults to train in a safe and nurturing environment. This program is very successful!


Imugi Martial Arts recently voted No.1 in Fitness Category at the Port Stephens Business Awards.

Congratulations to the team, who work hard and contribute to this on a daily basis.

Huge thank you to our supporters and for all those who voted for us!